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Brake and Clutch Hydraulics

Gbullet.gif (77 bytes) Back in 1952, Pietro Arici built a high precision mechanical component workshop in Brescia. This facility specialized in hydraulic brake cylinders for O.E.
Gbullet.gif (77 bytes) The "workshop" evolved to LPR s.r.l. in 1977. Relocating to Agazzano, Piacenza, the workshop changed business direction to the production of hydraulic brake and clutch for the automotive spare parts industry.
Gbullet.gif (77 bytes) Lucciano Arici, Pietro's son, is now president of the group and has established the company as a world-class manufacturer.
Gbullet.gif (77 bytes) Today, LPR is located in four separate facilities. Together they cover over 70,000 square meters and employ over 500 people. The product range has grown to include not only hydraulic cylinders, but also other brake products such as pads, shoes and drums.

factory.gif (39901 bytes)
Original machining factory in Agazzano - and still operating in an expanded machining capacity.

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